Returns Policy

Your Right to Cancel

You have the right to cancel any order, made through the E.H. Smith (Builders Merchants) Ltd website up to and including 14 days after receipt of the Goods. Cancellation in full or in part will be accepted as long as the Goods remain in the original packaging and remain undamaged. The Goods must be returned in resaleable condition within a further 14 days (28 in total) to be eligible for a full refund. Should you not return the Goods as required by this clause we may charge you a sum not exceeding our reasonable direct costs of recovering the Goods and/or replacing any Goods that are damaged.

Collection of delivered Goods must be arranged with the depot from where the Goods were originally purchased, in the case of a collection it may be that the Goods must be scheduled to be collected, in this case the Goods remain the responsibility of the customer until collected.

Refunds for cancelled orders will only be made by the same method as the original purchase, in the case of card payment this will be to the original card.

Returns Policy

Goods that have exceeded the Cancellation periods may be returned to the original selling depot for a credit or refund if Goods are not damaged. E.H. Smith (Builders Merchants) Ltd are under no obligation to accept any return of Goods previously delivered or collected, outside of the published order Cancellation period that have no reported damage or fault. However returns may be accepted by the depot concerned as long as items are in the current stock range and have been unopened or undamaged, in the case of a return of stock items will be subject to a quality inspection by the depot, no credit or refund will be applied or offered until the quality inspection has taken place, by agreeing to a return you agree E.H. Smith (Builders Merchants) Ltd have the final say on quality clearance.

Where E.H. Smith (Builders Merchants) Ltd agree to collect and take Goods back into stock we reserve the right to impose a handling charge which you agree is a genuine pre-estimate of our expenses, the charge will be up to and not exceeding 15% of the original order value. If a collection is agreed by the depot they will arrange collection at the depots earliest convenience, time will not be of the essence, the depot will notify you 24 hours prior to collection which will be in normal business hours, the Goods must be accessible in accordance with the terms of delivery, E.H.Smith (Builders Merchants) Ltd reserve the right to refuse the collection if Goods are deemed to be inaccessible on the day, any damage incurred on collection remain with the customer until the Goods have been accepted by the driver. Should you deliver the Goods back to our depot outside of the published Cancellation periods we will apply a restocking charge of up to 25% of the original sales order price of the Goods once a quality check has confirmed Goods are acceptable.


Credits for returned Goods will only be made to the creditor’s original method of payment, and may take up to 5 working days from the receipt of the Goods to process, any banking delays in processing you credit are not the responsibility of E.H. Smith (Builders Merchants) Ltd.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be made in part or full for Goods that are damaged, cancelled in line with the published cancellation period, unavailable for whatever reason, or have been agreed with the E.H. Smith (Builders Merchants Ltd) depot you are dealing with. In the case of customers who do not have a credit account, refunds will be made by the same payment method taken as payment for the original order, in the case of card payments the refund, without exception, must be made to the same card details as the original payment. Should any non-credit account holder wish to purchase other Goods for part, or in full, of the value of the credit due they can agree with the sales depot and raise a new order where the original payment can be applied, should the new order exceed the value of the original payment made the excess value will be chargeable before Goods can be purchased, in the case of Goods that are less than the value of the original  order a refund for the balance will be given as previously stipulated. In the case of trade account customers, we will raise a credit note to the full value and apply this to the credit account.

We will endeavour to make all refunds within three working days, or sooner, any delays cause by banking delays in processing any refunds are not the responsibility of E.H. Smith (Builders Merchants) Ltd.